NILFISK Scrubtec 453

Scrubber-dryer with great productivity and ease of use in a price competitive full package

DThe SCRUBTEC 453 has been designed to scrub & dry without any fuss.

This is pure cleaning efficiency packed into a simple machine focusing 100% on helping you to get the job done.
Being a robust, scrubber & dryer – so easy to use and maintain – the SCRUBTEC 453 is a very basic machine, simple, easy and intuitive to operate and use, without any training. A machine ready to be used - great productivity that simply works for you!

Priced at a very attractive level, the SCRUBTEC 453 is the obvious value-for-money choice when it comes to indoor cleaning of warehouses, shops, car showrooms, car garages, gas stations and similar facilities.

NILFISK  Scrubtec 453


  • High suction power ensures dry and clean floors - even on tile floors

  • Curved squeegee for 100% water pick-up on all types of floors

  • Front filling port to fill solution tank in a fast way

  • Standard on board charger

  • Brush and squeegee blades easy to install and remove without any tools

  • Just 2 buttons to engage brush and vac motors and safety switches on the handle to start the cleaning job

  • Eco-solution: Low consumption of water, adjustable water flow will allow no waste of water

  • Simple, quick and hygienic maintenance: Full access to recovery tank – easy to clean and empty




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