MAC Plantmaster S.S

Heavy duty


The MAC Plantmaster is now available in full stainless steel to meet the growing demand for quality and durability.

Heavy duty: Ideal for the local authorities, haulage, garages and utility companys where the exhaust gases can be directed outside.

The 4 Position switch with an LED display provides the user with Off, Cold, Hot, Hot & Chemical options.

Low level fuel and chemical switches will ensure the user that everything is ready and correct for the wash. The isolation switch gives you the control over the use of the pressure washer..



•High quality, full stainless steel cabinet
•Full frost protection and cabinet lagging
•Lockable stainless steel front door
•Efficient M2 boiler system
•Flame failure and leak detection
•16lt fuel tank with low level sensor as standard
•Professional Interpump with ceramic pistons
•Industrial 1450rpm 4 pole electric Nicolini motor
•Automatic stop/start system
•High pressure chemical system
•Bypass and safety valve
•Burner control with flow switch and thermostat
•24v low tension safety controls
•Mains power on lamp


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