NILFISK Scrubtec 770/784/795

Walk Behind 700,840 & 950 mm Battery Powered Scrubber Dryers

The new Nilfisk-ALTO SCRUBTEC 795, 784 and 770 S/L range of walk-behind scrubbers provides you the best traction in double scrubbing and ramp cleaning, and they provide safety, not only for the operator, but also for those walking on recently cleaned floors.

Other significant advantages with the new SCRUBTEC L walk-behinds are the control system that allows all normal scrubbing functions to be activated by a single touch of a button for convenience and minimal operator training.

Typical applications can be found in retail stores, distribution centres, warehouses, office buildings, schools & universities, cleaning contractors and manufacturing plants. The new large ALTO SCRUBTEC walk-behind range keep focus on the operator with comfort, safety and fun, and for the buyer with productivity, low maintenance cost, employee satisfaction and labour savings.

Floor Cleaners  


  • Low voltage shut off.

  • Non corrosive polydur brush housing.

  • Exclusive nylon gimbal brush/pad driver mount.

  • Non marking pneumatic tires.

  • AccuTrac patented breakaway swing squeegee.

  • Neutral position traverse control handles.

  • All controls on front view panel.


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