NILFISK Solar Booster E

Electrically heated stationary pressure washers

Electrical powered stationary heating for maximum efficiency in the automotive, industrial, food and shipping sectors. Electrical heating is exhaust gas and pollution free.

The SOLAR BOOSTER range offers low heating and running costs combined with a design that is easy to use and service. The onboard PCB enables the machine to be customised with factory mounted options. The SOLAR BOOSTER E line is equipped a large 119 litre heating tank and can be produced in several heating sizes frm 18kW to 54 kW depending upon the temperature requirements and available electrical network. Electrical heating is pollution free. A feeder pump ensures that the pump can be fed with water up to 85 oC. Immediate hot water is thus present at first activation of trigger.



• Brass cylinder head
• Expandable control technology with PLC, customisation through options
• Automatic diagnosis and fault finding
• Pollution free, heating system
• Galvanised and powder coated steel frame and cabinet
• Reduced running and service costs
• Large 119 L heating tank for excellent heating capacity
• Available up to 54 kW heating
• C3 longlife pump with 4 ceramic pistons
• MMO - Multiple Machine Option - OPTIONAL


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