Mac Sitemaster XL

 The Ultimate in Strength, Security and Reliability

The Mac Xl Hot static pressure washer is the largest machine we offer. It is the best pressure washer as it offers 200 bar at 21 litres per minute.

We have installed these XL pressure washers at a food factory. As the machine can deliver a high flow of water it means cleaning is a easy and very efficient no matter what the job. Inside the cabinet is a WS 202 Interpump which is kept from frost with the in built heater ber

 LX sitemaster in yorkshire
















  • Lacquered hammered paint finish for increased protection

  • Heavy duty treated aluminium frame

  • New super efficient 21ltr boiler system for increased heat

  • Removable steel panels to allow easy access for maintenance

  • Lockable front door and control panel

  • Full cabinet lagging and frost protection

  • High pressure detergent system

  • ST66 chemical valve for improved calibration

  • Water softener system

  • Stainless steel water tank

  • Professional interpump with ceramic pistons

  • Industrial 1450rpm 4 pole electric motor

  • Automatic stop/start system

  • Flame failure and leak detection

  • Bypass and safety valve

  • Burner control with flow switch and thermostat

  • 24v low tension safety controls

  • 31ltr easy fill fuel tank with low level sensor

  • Low level fuel warning lamp with burner shut down

  • Including 10mt high pressure hose, single lance and heavy duty trigger


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